Fire & Rescue Services

Ultimate has four fully fitted fire engines and one 32-meter retractable ladder truck in Dar es Salaam. All engines are ex-UK fire service and Ministry of Defense. These fire engines are fitted with top quality equipment based on the guidance provided by Essex County Fire Brigade, a leading fire service operator in the UK. The fire engines are supported by Ultimate’s own 10,000-litre water bowers as well as three contracted 10,000-liter water bowers on 24hrs standby. Our Fire Department is run by Fire Chief Glad Billy Moyo .At a minimal fee; this service is available for our Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients. Used in conjunction with the alarmed smoke detector (requires alarm service) this service can save property and lives

CCTV Surveillance System

High Resolution, Colour, Digital / IP, High Definition Cameras Installed at Strategic Locations which can cover all important areas of Surveillance and the surroundings. The recording is done by the DVR which records all events in the in-built hard disk 24 hours a day. With Smart Technology the DVR’s are able to record only when there is a change in the scene allowing for much greater length of time in storage. The DVRs make it easy to retrieve recordings of events.

Radio Alarm Services

This service is provided both manually and automatic. Panic Attack (PA) is manually and when pressed, the assistance will be provided instantly. The Automatic alarm system includes Intruder Alarm system for both indoor and outdoor. This automatic alarm system can be triggered without human assistance, enabling the resident or company employees to set the alarm and leave it resting safe in the knowledge that the property is being monitored. These systems can work equally as well on a residential property when the resident is on vacation or in a business office

Armed Guards

Ultimate provide armed guards at high risk locations such as Banks and institutions where there is a high likely hood that any attempted robbery would be an armed attempt. We can also provide armed Close Protection Officers (body guards). Ultimate's policy is to use only long serving guards who have proved themselves to be both trustworthy and mature enough to shoulder the responsibility of carrying a fire arm.


Cash-In-Transit Services

This service is currently available in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. With a fleet of armoured vans and armed guards, this service enables our clients to transport large sums of money or valuables from office to bank and vice versa. We are able to offer CIT services as a one-off event, a re-occurring random event, a scheduled service or we can provide a dedicated vehicle and team for clients who need this service on a daily basis.


Paramedic Service - The Ambulance

The Ambulance & Paramedic Department is headed by our Paramedic Coordinator who is a UK-trained qualified clinical officer (diploma in medicine). He has a long-standing experience in pre-hospital management. Each ambulance is manned by one qualified paramedic, one ambulance technician and one driver on a 24-hrs basis. We currently have five ambulances operating in Tanzania. We also operate our own medical dispensary based at our offices on Tunisia Road, Kinondoni, which is registered with the Ministry of Health. In case of major incidents, this dispensary would provide additional qualified medical staff, facilities and medical supplies. There is no additional charge for this service to our existing customers.

Risk Management

Risk management is the continuing process to identify, analyze, evaluate, and treat loss exposures and monitor risk control and financial resources to mitigate the adverse effects of loss.

Loss may result from the following:

  • financial risks such as cost of claims and liability judgments
  • operational risks such as labor strikes
  • perimeter risks including weather or political change
  • strategic risks including management changes or loss of reputation
  • Security risk including any event that compromises the assets, operations and objectives of an organization.

Ultimate works with our clients to plan. Manage, implement and deliver security risk mitigation measures. By working together, we are able to deploy economical and efficient risk control programs that provide assurance that the actions performed are necessary and effective to reduce the overall cost of operational risk